Getting married is an awesome thing, but it brings with it more responsibility. Before you were married, you may have had several things in your parent's name, or under your parent's account. If you are a female, you would also have had some things in your maiden name. This article will talk about 3 important things that you need to put in your own name and/or your new name once you are married. 

Auto Insurance

If you and your spouse had your cars insured under your parent's name, now is the time to branch off from them and find car insurance of your own. You and your spouse can instead get your cars insured together. You will want to determine how much you would like your deductible to be, as well as what you would like your monthly premium to be. You can receive a lot of help from an auto insurance agent like one from Diamond Insurance Agencies, and they will be able to help you find an insurance company and plan that works well for the two of you. 

Driver's License and Social Insurance Number

If you are a woman changing your name, then you are going to want to update your last name on both your driver's license and your social insurance number. However, if you and your spouse have moved to a different providence after you were married, then both the husband and the wife will want to get a new driver's license. To get your new driver's license you will need to bring a marriage certificate and proof of address into the office. You will also need to show your marriage license, birth certificate, and proof that you are a permanent resident of Canada when updating the last name on your social insurance number.

Cell Phone

Whether you were on your parent's cell phone plan or on your own cell phone plan before you were married, it is a good idea to create a new phone plan that involves the two of you. Often times this is less expensive, and it makes paying the bill much easier for you. If you happen to be using the same cell phone provider this will be quite simple for you, and you probably won't have to even change your cell phone numbers. However, if you are on separate plans, you will need to agree on what provider to choose or get a new cell phone provider all together.